Cedar Point Celebrates 13 Exceptional Women


Cedar Point Federal Credit Union has a long history in the Southern Maryland Community – 75 years, to be exact. These days, Cedar Point spends most of its time looking toward the future. But the credit union also believes in reflecting on and learning from its storied past. Originally formed in 1945, Cedar Point Federal Credit Union served local Navy sailors and civil servants who had bravely worked to protect American shores during World War II and beyond.

In 1959, the credit union had three employees, and by 1971 created its fi rst management role. In 1973, the fi rst assistant manager position was established, and Betty Koehl became the fi rst woman promoted to a management level.

While many businesses locally and nationally struggle with the lack of women in leadership roles, Cedar Point’s long history has always risen to meet that challenge. Women have always played crucial roles at the credit union, back to the founders, of whom at least one was a woman.

Today the credit union celebrates women in five of its nine executive leadership roles. Of the most recent three Chief Executive Officers of the credit union, two have been women. Not surprisingly, Betty Koehl went on to become the first female CEO, succeeded by Barbara Horn in 1994. 

Mary Simmons, Branch Manager: Leonardtown
Mary’s long tenure at the credit union has given her an appreciation for all the circumstances life might throw someone’s way. She gets great satisfaction out of helping members achieve financial stability and reach their goals. Mary enjoys working alongside the credit union’s hard-working employees. Growing up with five brothers and three sisters, Mary has always had lots of love and support from her big family. She has been happily married for 28 years and is extremely proud of her two sons and her entire extended family. She enjoys growing vegetables and flowers in her home garden, canning some of what she grows, and baking desserts. Mary is active in her church, and currently acts as secretary for the Leonardtown Rotary. 

Marie Butler, Member Service Representative
In Marie’s 33 years with the credit union, she has enjoyed meeting all the interesting people who have come in. Yes, that even includes the clown who surprised her on her birthday one year. She has worked in several different branches throughout her time at the credit union. The youngest of eleven children, Marie spends a lot of time with her family in the area. She loves it when the whole family can all get together and enjoy each other’s company. Outside of work, Marie likes to work in the yard, listen to music and watch old movies with her son. 

Sherrie Horn, Branch Manager: Headquarters
Raised in St. Mary’s County, Sherrie started working at the credit union’s branch at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Sherrie truly enjoyed her time as branch manager there before moving to the headquarters branch in Lexington Park. Her favorite memories at the credit union involve working with members. In fact, Sherrie credits Cedar Point members with being the reason that she’s worked at the credit union for more than 25 years. She’s enjoyed working with her fellow co-workers, past and present, caring for each other, and having fun. 

Wendy Holt Carroll, Card Services Representative
Wendy’s dedication to Cedar Point’s members has inspired her to thrive within the credit union. She enjoys helping members overcome any financial challenges they may face. Wendy has fond memories of opening a child’s first savings account, giving members their first Mastercard, and helping them explore car loans. She also remembers the credit union’s first CEO, Betty Koehl, with fondness. A long-time resident of St. Mary’s County for more than 50 years, she gives back to the community by donating blood regularly and participating in Feed the Hungry fundraisers. Wendy’s biggest joys come from spending time with her sons, long rides with her husband in her old Chevy pickup, rainy days, and hot summer days in Southern Maryland. 

Laurel Ward, Vice President of Compliance
In her daily work, Laurel oversees keeping the credit union in compliance with banking regulations. She enjoys working for a credit union that offers lower fees and better rates than other financial institutions and provides excellent service. Laurel laughs at the memory of when the credit union first got computers and remembers with fondness wearing the “Moola Moola” costume for the credit union’s fi rst youth program.Originally from Maine, Laurel spent time traveling with her family before settling in St. Mary’s County. She has two daughters and two grandsons, of whom she is very proud. In her spare time, Laurel volunteers with the Girl Scouts and with the F.L.O.W. mentoring program through St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

Thanh Nguyen, Teller
Thanh absolutely loves working at Cedar Point. She has been positioned at several different branches throughout her 27 years with the credit union, and currently works at the Headquarters branch in Lexington Park. Her favorite memories come from her time at the credit union’s earliest two branches and revolve around the many experiences talking with members and interacting with coworkers. Outside of work, Thanh finds joy in family. She spends time taking her children to the park and the library and whatever local events pop up. Thanh appreciates all the friendship and support she’s had from family, friends and coworkers over the years, and wants her coworkers to know how much she cares about them.

Katy White, Vice President of Human Resources
Originally from Utah, Katy grew up on a cattle ranch with her family. She finds her job very rewarding, emphasizing the supportive environment. As the person in charge of hiring, she enjoys knowing that new employees will be valued members of the credit union team and really enjoy what they do each day. She is thrilled to be incorporating training and education into the credit union culture.Katy is proud of her two daughters and 15-year-old granddaughter, all of whom are strong, independent women. Katy’s favorite hobby is knitting, which she finds relaxing. She and her dog Bailey are long-time members of the Calvert K9 Search and Rescue team. Bailey has since retired, but Katy continues to be actively involved in her role at base operations.

Colleen Blundell, Vice President of Business & Investment Services
Colleen finds her role in the credit union very rewarding. Helping members understand their financial goals and making an action plan to reach them is one of Colleen’s favorite parts of the job. Colleen has been married to her biggest champion and supporter for 36 years. She and her husband have two children and have welcomed their spouses into the family, along with a granddaughter, of whom Colleen is very fond. When she finds a spare moment, Colleen enjoys biking, boating and spending time outdoors. She is a board member for the Business, Education & Community Alliance as well as the Academy of Finance and finds joy in attending church on Sundays.

Linda Ann Knott, Executive Vice President
In Linda’s time with the credit union, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department recognized her for assistance with an investigation. In 2006, Linda was admitted to the Quarter Century Honor Roll with the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. Her selfless contributions to the credit union movement helped make it a lasting American institution. Linda enjoys working with employees who make the credit union successful with hard work and positive interactions.Linda and her husband Bruce have recently celebrated 41 years of marriage. With three children and five grandchildren, Linda spends lots of time outside of work with family. She enjoys family cookouts, boating and spending time at local community events.

Vicky Wise, Assistant Branch Manager: Leonardtown
For Vicky, every day at Cedar Point is a new memory to take home. She has enjoyed watching members grow from youth to marriage to first loans and beyond. She finds joy in seeing members share the Cedar Point legacy with their families. Vicky has fondly watched the credit union grow alongside those members into what it is today. Prior to working at Cedar Point, Vicky worked for several other banks, bringing more than 40 total years of industry experience. Vicky enjoys spending time with her family and making her house feel like a home. In her spare time, Vicky enjoys gardening and visiting local restaurants to try new options. 

Denette Slade, Member Service Representative
Originally from Arkansas, Denette grew up in Hughesville with her family. Denette’s 25 years at the credit union hold many great memories for her. She really enjoys working with members, getting to know them, and helping them achieve their financial goals. Denette’s favorite credit union experiences have been paddling as a team in the Solomons Dragon Boat Festival for the last three years and being the drummer for two of them. Denette enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons, daughter-in-law and three-year-old granddaughter. In her spare time, Denette and her husband spend time fi shing on the many waterways in Southern Maryland. The family also enjoys visiting museums and local community events. 

Tina McKay, Financial Analyst
Tina has enjoyed the last 25 years working at Cedar Point because she feels a sense of community among the credit union family. That sense of community has always been special to her, whether it involves celebrating someone’s milestones and achievements or wishing them well on their next assignment. The friendships she’s made throughout all levels of the credit union are ones she’ll always cherish. Tina has been happily married for 21 years and has three sons who are 19, 17 and 7 years old. She enjoys watching her boys participate in their various sports programs as well as scrapbooking and painting in her art journal. Tina and her family are proud members of the American Legion, Post 255 in Ridge, Maryland. 

Laurie Langford, EFT Funds Management Accountant
Originally from Woodbridge, Connecticut Laurie will celebrate her 25th year of working for Cedar Point this September. She enjoys the camaraderie of her fellow coworkers both in her department and throughout the credit union. Laurie believes that Cedar Point supports its employees and feels like she’s in good hands at the credit union. Laurie really enjoys the work she does every day for the Accounting Department at Cedar Point. Outside of work, Laurie spends time crafting, making quilts and working on other sewing projects. Lasting pieces of Laurie’s creativity can be seen throughout the credit union’s administrative offices, from decorations to upholstery. 

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