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EZ Thai: A Story on Love, Food, and Friendship

From the moment she held her first job in America, EZ Thai owner Pat Benjasakul always had dreams of opening her own restaurant. “I was...

Passion Profile: Environmentalist Melissa Towles

I am Melissa Towles. I am a wife, and a mom of 2. I work full time and I’m a full-time grad student studying...

Unlocking Empathy, Leadership, and Grace

Southern Maryland Woman sat down with Tracie Daniels, the founder of Synergy Consulting – a training and development firm – to learn about who she is and how she became so passionate about leveraging the best in all of us to improve teamwork, awareness, and business outcomes.

Girl, Put That Crystal Ball Away!

I know who you are. You. Yes, you! You’re the one who is always predicting what could happen, what might happen, what should happen, and then spiraling...

What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Working Differently

Covid-19 is the topic on everyone’s mind and has been since February of 2020. The pandemic created by this virus has been a once...

Move Beyond the Seat at the Table

How to Fully Engage Employee Voices In this current national climate, the voices of the people are being heard. Earlier this summer, in the wake...

Cedar Point Celebrates 13 Exceptional Women

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union has a long history in the Southern Maryland Community – 75 years, to be exact. These days, Cedar Point...

Barby Harms, Owner, Mermaid’s Cottage

SHARE WITH US THE HIS TORY OF MERMAID’S COTTAGE! Maybe in another life I was a Mermaid! I ha ve always loved the beach....

Everything Old Is New Again

When Cecil’s Country Store first opened in 1906, Sears & Roebuck’s mail-order catalog was the Amazon.com of its day. Filled with products available in...

The CEO Behind Miles and Chesley Consulting Services

Born and raised in St. Mary’s County, Jacklyn D. Miles’ tireless 89-year-old mother, Ms. Artina Mary Dotson-Miles, is the CEO’s biggest source of motivation....