Understanding the Heart of the Home: Broad Creek Kitchens, Bath & Home Does It All


Your home is supposed to be your hideaway from the rest of the world; a place where you feel content, comfortable, and happy. It should be practical for the persons living in it, whether that be a family home in a community, or a private house surrounded by foliage. 

Homes are the places we live out the quiet and hectic moments of our lives, where we raise our families and grow as people. Your home should embody you and your family’s needs. It should be a complete package. Therefore, it is important for home renovations to cover all the bases: needs, wants, and possibilities. This is a hard job to take on, especially the renovation of an entire house, but it is one Broad Creek Kitchens, Bath & Home is well equipped for.

Located in Mechanicsville off Route 235, Broad Creek Kitchens, Bath & Home offers a personal touch to each home they renovate with their customized cabinetry, design experience, and an eye for detail. But don’t be fooled – this home remodeling company does more than just renovate a space – they participate in artistry. 

Broad Creek Kitchens, Bath & Home creates beautiful, safe, and comforting spaces to raise a family. A place to get ready for work, for the day, and for the struggles life throws at us. The homes renovated by Broad Creek offer much more than just appealing finishes and fresh wooden floors. Broad Creek creates a space where a house becomes a home and where a group of people can become a family.

Recently, Broad Creek owners Jimmy and Michelle Stinson have taken on the task of finding and purchasing homes for custom renovation. Once complete, they sell them to families and people looking to buy newly upgraded homes. Specifically, the duo looks for homes with a lot of character on their own – ones that offer something special or intriguing that they can then modify to fit the needs of families and potential buyers.

“Whether that means adding an extra bathroom, removing walls to give the space more of an open floor plan, or creating a more functional and updated kitchen,” Jimmy said.

Together, they have been working with customers for more than 30 years and believe that detailing is one of the most important aspects of remodeling. At Broad Creek, they stay true to the belief that, “Everyone wants their home to be unique and one of a kind.” Buying a home is a big investment, so it should be something that the new homeowners are proud of.

While they continue to design detailed kitchens, bathrooms, and interior spaces, Broad Creek became inspired to purchase and remodel full homes by the opportunities it created.

“We’ve discovered over the years that putting an entire home design together, so it looks great and flows well from room to room, can be very intimidating to customers,” Jimmy said. “We realize not everyone has a knack for design and can use the help making beautiful spaces instead of just one area.”

This is the area where Broad Creek excels. Not only do they have a trained eye for design and the aesthetic flow of a home, but they believe it is important to create a comfortable, inviting and beautiful space for the homeowner.

Purchasing and remodeling a home for a potential family or buyer is a delicate and precious job. It is a one that requires an open mind and heart to the possibilities the home design could bring to its future tenants. Jimmy and Michelle of Broad Creek understand the heart that lives inside of the home and the importance of acknowledging it and letting it shine through renovations.

This understanding of a home’s purpose is what makes Broad Creek stand apart from that of traditional “house flipping.” Typically, homes that are flipped are quickly bought, renovated, and sold for a higher profit with little care for the potential homeowner. The work isn’t meaningful and tends to not hold up over time. 

When asked about flipping, Michelle responded, “We are not in this to make a quick dollar,” something that is typically associated with flipping. “At Broad Creek, we truly want to create a beautiful home, one with all of the upgrades for a potential buyer, at a reasonable price, could enjoy.” 

Michelle and Jimmy believe it is important to take the necessary time needed to search for a good home to renovate. It relies on more than just the aesthetics of the home, but also the location and school district. “We have six children of our own, so we know how important school zoning is for a potential buyer.” At Broad Creek, they try to give the potential homeowner the best of both worlds: the house they fall in love with in just the right spot on the map. 

With all these factors in mind, Jimmy and Michelle treat each renovation as if it were their own home. Broad Creek is a full service as they take responsibility from initial designs to completion of the project. This specific kind of care for their customers is what sets Broad Creek Kitchens, Bath & Home apart from other renovation services. To Jimmy and Michelle, it isn’t a job that they are completing, but a home that they are helping create. 

This new service of buying, renovating, and selling homes by Broad Creek offers a homeowner the ability to purchase a home with upgrades already completed and at an affordable price. “It leaves our customers with nothing to do but enjoy their new home,” Michelle said. 

There is something to admire about the dedication Broad Creek gives to its customers and their new, freshly designed, homes. It takes patience, skill, and effort to redesign an already existing home and make it something new. 

The work that Jimmy and Michelle do reveals their creativity and passion to give families beautiful, quality homes. They are willing to do the hard jobs and get their hands dirty to get the best outcome for the home and customer. “It is very exciting and special to us. We put a lot of heart into every project we complete.” 

Broad Creek is honest and transparent with customers because they have no reason not to be. For them, renovating homes is a creative and personal experience, one that they take very seriously. Jimmy and Michelle Stinson work effortlessly to give their customers the quality service and desired homes that they ask for. They understand what it takes to raise a beautiful, loving and successful family and it all starts from within a home that embodies each of these sentiments. 

Learn more about Broad Creek on their website: BroadCreekKitchens.com