Hi, I am Wendy Guth, founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. I specialize in creating travel experiences that transform you. Why? Because travel can be exactly that – transformational, radical, life changing. 

One of the greatest takeaways from travel is building curiosity, passion, and strength, along with flexibility, tenacity, and resiliency. It allows us to connect with our surroundings and build lasting memories from our experiences – to SAVOUR the moments on our journey.

I created SAVOUR; my system for clients who want to feel relaxed, in control, and experience joy while traveling. SAVOUR is designed to take these elements and bring them to where travel is today: 

S – Step out of your comfort zone

A – Align your passions and interests

V – Venture under your own power

O – Open yourself to connecting

U – Unwind with self-care

R – Ritualize your gratitude

During the pandemic, a silver lining has been the ability to work and learn remotely, but not always at home. Families are savouring these opportunities by heading off to destinations outside of Maryland.

I wanted to share with you the number one question I hear these days: “Where can I go while my kids are learning virtually?” Schoolcations are popular right now! There are some fantastic hotel options for virtual schooling AND working.

1. If you wish you had tech support for the Google, Zoom, Schoology, checkout out Kimpton Hotels, which has hired “Chief Virtual Learning Officers” at these locations: Winston-Salem and Charlotte in North Carolina; Austin, Texas; as well as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. 

2. Montage Resorts has launched the “Montage Academy” that includes a study hall and virtual tutoring for kids aged 6 through 17. With locations in Park City, Utah; Laguna Beach, California; Bluffton, South Carolina; and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

3. Learning meets luxury by the water! Special virtual learning options are available at either The Henderson, on the Gulf of Mexico in Destin, Florida, or The Grand Hotel, on Lake Huron on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

4. Need an incentive to finish the day’s lessons? Check out the Four Seasons Resort Orlando with afternoons in one of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks.

5. The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, located north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, offers Spanish lessons, Mexican culture and cooking classes, and pool and beach study cabanas.

6. The Auberge Resorts Collection has launched “Remote with Auberge.” With hotels in Aspen, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Napa, California, the program offers “office cabanas” for both parents and kids.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any comments or questions. I would love to hear from you!

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Wendy Guth is the founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. Her vision is to create REAL. RADICAL. LIFE CHANGING. TRAVEL EXPERIENCES for her clients. As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, she focuses on gatherings clients want, whether it be adventure travel, celebrations, and wellness travel. Wendy sifts through all the information and options in order to provide insider details, exclusive amenities (like upgrades and credits), and experiences (like private tours, sold out tickets, or unattainable reservations). As a Transformational Travel Coach, she strives to: 1) get you out of your comfort zone, 2) focus on your passions and interests, 3) connect you in the way you want, 4) allow for self-care AND, 5) travel under your own power. It’s all about PERSONALIZATION. CUSTOMIZATION. TRANSFORMATION.