Say Forever in Southern Maryland: Chelsey & John


Best Part of the Day:
Our ceremony was set for 6:30pm that evening. About 15 minutes before I walked down the aisle, it started to rain and the DJ told us he didn’t want to risk his equipment in the rain (which is totally understandable because then we wouldn’t have music for the reception). I was determined to get married outside and as I walked down the aisle, my guests surprised me and hummed “Here Comes the Bride.” It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard! – Chelsey

The first look and seeing everyone together. Also, having our first dance. – John

One Do-Over:
Well, if we could have a second wedding, I would plan a destination wedding. However, our wedding day at Running Hare Vineyard was absolutely flawless – I would not change a thing!

Wedding Planning Advice:
The one piece of advice I can share is do not stress about the small details that, at the end of the day, will not get noticed. For us, that was not what our wedding was about. We loved our décor but what meant most were the people who attended and that they came and we were able to share our special day with them. Also, take the time to eat your food and enjoy your meal! I have met many couples who skip out on meals to tend to their guests.