Patuxent Brewing Co: Black-Owned Beer Boutique in the Heart of Charles County

Business Manager Tranice Watts applies labels to one of the beers she recently canned.
Cases of Black is Beautiful beer await pick up at the brewery in anticipation of online sales from the community.

Founder and Head Brewer Davie Feaster and Taproom and
Marketing Manager Eugene Lott take a call from an area vendor.
A flight of beer is available to taproom visitors so they may sample the current rotation of offerings at Patuxent Brewing Co.

Q&A with Tranice Watts & Davie Feaster

On Your Passion

We started off as any young person – loving beer. But our founder Davie and I remember being in welding class in high-school and telling people we would own a bar one day. Davie was adamant he would have a Cheers-esque bar where everyone would feel comfortable patronizing. Once he began brewing faithfully and witnessed family and friends drinking more of his beer than well-known brands, Davie truly realized he might be onto something! Getting out of the “hood” and building a legacy for our families and ensuring the economic upward mobility of others has always been our motivation to open. We want our youth to know the power of manifestation and the power beer has to bring people together!

On Your Motivation

We noticed a nano-brewery and taproom was missing from the area and wanted to bring something unique to Charles County. It was also important for us to bring craft beer to the black community since this is an industry few minorities consider working in. Our goal is to be a tourist attraction and a pillar in the community!

On Being Small Business Owners

It has not been easy to start something from the ground up, but we have been blessed in a number of ways. When COVID first hit, we were prepared to distribute the first round of our flagship beer. However, we had to rethink our plan, and from there we started online ordering, takeout options, and more. This, along with the unwavering support of the county and our patrons, got us through the unpredictable stages of the shutdown.

On Lessons Learned

Follow your dreams, surround yourself with a great team, and most of all, never give up!

On What’s Next?

Our team is planning to restart our podcast titled “The Mash-Up with Patuxent Brewing Company,” which seeks to highlight other small businesses in the county. In partnership with Charles County Tourism, we are also working on brewing a personalized beer to represent Charles County based on community votes, so keep an eye out for that initiative.

Check out Patuxent Brewing:
Facebook: @PaxBrewingCo
Instagram: @Patuxentbrewingco
70 Industrial Park Drive, Suite 2A, Waldorf, MD 20602