I don’t know about you, but I swear 2020 has been the longest DECADE of my life! Since the world shut down and we had to lock ourselves in our homes, it has been an emotional roller coaster for me and everyone I know. Our entire world is suffering from different crisis’ and we’re collectively grieving and sad.

Not only has Covid-19 changed everything, but all the cracks and fissures in our American society has come to light. This country’s systemic racial disparities have finally caught the attention of every American and it cannot be ignored any longer.

The weather has been devastating, including the wildfires ravaging our beautiful communities out west, while the hurricanes have taken their ugly toll on our south. So many people are struggling in our country right now, with so many issues that it is hard to figure out where to look.

So much grief, so much anger, so much fear and worry. This is the first time in my life that all these societal ills are front and center, and boy has it taken an emotional toll on most of us. This means we are all struggling with increased anxiety and depression right now. Lack of motivation, sleep disruptions, boredom, restlessness, hopelessness. We are seeing this among ourselves and our clients every day.

So how do we get back to where we were six months ago? Short answer: WE DON’T. We can’t. Change is the only way we can move forward. 

What does this mean? It means we must grieve the loss of what we thought our lives would be; letting go of what was and beginning to embrace what could be. Take this time to remember what is important to you, what you cannot live without, and I bet the list will be very different than what you thought it would be years ago. 

I have learned that I don’t need more shoes, more purses, more STUFF. I need my loved ones, my books, my garden, my kitchen. I need nature and time to feel present in my own skin. I’ve learned what is happening in the world right now is a precursor to what will only get worse if don’t start making changes NOW.

Start small, at home, in your community. Look for the helpers, be kind to everyone regardless of their skin color or their ethnic background. Realize we are all the same and have the same desires for our children, the same hopes and dreams and heartbreaks. 

Realize that what connects us is way more powerful than what divides us. Understand that if we don’t make changes right now, our world is going to implode. We must start taking care of our planet vigorously, our neighbors fiercely, and each other with everything good we have. Vote. Use your voice. Donate if you can, no matter how small. Give back and don’t be afraid to receive. We’re all in this together.

Love is what we need to get us back to who we are, and to where we want to be. No, it won’t look the way it did last year, but maybe, just maybe, it could look better?

That’s what I’m hopeful for and that’s what we focus on in our sessions at Empowered Connections. Being thankful for what we have now, being hopeful for what will be, and being committed to standing next to you while we all create a world that we can be proud of and feel safe in. 

Our therapists know that connection is uber important right now and we know just how to do that. We’ve perfected our online therapy platform and methods and we’d love to reassure you that healing doesn’t need to wait until we’re back in the office. We can do good stuff right now. Let us show you by scheduling your next appointment with one of our women’s experts. We got you!

To schedule an appointment with one of our therapists please call 301-690-0779 or email us at hello@empoweredconnections.net and for more information please visit empoweredconnections.net.

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DEBORAH DULEY is a licensed social worker in the state of Maryland and the owner of Empowered Connections with offices in Leonardtown and Lusby, Md. Empowered Connections has provided therapy to hundreds of women over the years and we love it! Based on the growing need of empowered support and years of research, we have developed an empowerment coaching program designed specifically for the high achieving, high functioning woman that is feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, and/or is juggling multiple roles. The woman who wants to increase their self-esteem, grow their resilience, get clear on who they are as humans and finally leave all the crap behind, that no longer serves them. Our program is designed to figure out WHERE that comes from, WHY and HOW to change it. No need to relive painful memories or experiences like we do in the traditional therapy room. Boom! So empowering! Our coaches are mental health professionals that have been specially trained with our EC curriculum to deliver this content to you in a way that gets results and we’re so excited to offer this program alongside our traditional therapy services!