Tiffani’s Fashion – Embroidery, Ruffles and Velvet


Fashion is still playing an ode to the 70s. But the message now is to do it boldly and confidently. Embroidery and embellishments are on every piece of fashion…denim, blouses, handbags and gorgeous shoes. Velvet is still soaking up its moment that began last winter and it is here to stay through fall and winter. Again, it is showcased in all types of fashion and ruffles are selfishly enjoying their time in the spotlight. Last fall it was okay to run with the trend subtly, but now, it is go big or go home.

1.) Louise et Cie Jianna Stacked Heel Pump


There are 3 reasons these shoes are hot right now…mainly the velvet, Fall’s #1 trend. Secondly though, the block heel. The block heel is also huge right now and most of us ladies are jumping (in those block heels) for joy…the block heel is such a more comfortable and practical heel for the average female. These are actually walkable!! And third, pink. Especially blush is having a major moment!

2.) Keepsake Mini Dress


This dress is definitely a statement maker. But, what I love is that it is monochromatic and every stitch is the same fabric. The oversized ruffles are the only detail demanding attention. Ruffles are a feminine and simple way to stay on trend this Fall and Winter. Stay subtle with ruffled shoulders and ruffled hemlines or go bold with oversized ones… the point is to have fun with this uncomplicated trend.


3.) Express Jeans


These jeans are under $100 and make such a fun statement. I chose to wear everything else simple so that the attention is drawn entirely to the gorgeous stitch work. Head to my blog to see at least 4 other options for embroidered jeans… options for all budgets and all ages. Search “embroidered jeans”.


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