Say Forever in New Orleans


Called the “Paris of the South,” New Orleans is one of the world’s most popular places to get married. Couples exchange their pledge of forever love under centuries’ old oak trees that have shaded generations of lovers. Where else can you start your own parade, get married on a riverboat or say, “I do” in an exquisite courtyard? You’d be hard pressed to find a more enchanting spot for a wedding anywhere in the world. So it came as no big surprise when we learned of two local brides who who had recently celebrated their big day in in the Big Easy. Here they share why they chose New Orleans to celebrate their love.

Bride & Groom: Kelly Schindler, Hollywood, MD & Daniel Howard, San Diego, CA

Kelly and Daniel tied the knot on September 30, 2016 with a ceremony and reception at the New Orleans Board of Trade.

WHY NEW ORLEANS: New Orleans is such a great city with an amazing vibe. There are so many things to see and do there that I felt like each of our wedding guests could fi nd something they were into…museums, ghost walks, cemetery tours, music and so much more. Also, our families are pretty spread out so I didn’t feel like having the celebration in my hometown was necessary and thought New Orleans was a good meeting point. We had guests from Louisiana, California, Florida, Maryland, Washington, DC and Italy.

SPECIAL MEMORIES IN NEW ORLEANS BEFORE THE BIG DAY: We took a trip to New Orleans together not long after we started dating. It was a very fun trip for both of us. I knew during that trip that he was the man I wanted to marry and that I wanted to marry him in New Orleans.

THE DECIDING FACTOR: Washington, DC, was the only other location we considered, but because it was a late September wedding we really thought the weather would be better and that it was just more like our personalities to have it in New Orleans. And boy were we right! That weekend was amazing 70 degree weather in NOLA rainy weather in Washington, DC.

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR NEW ORLEANS WEDDING: Besides the actual ceremony itself, the second line was my absolute favorite part of our wedding! For those that don’t know, a second line leads the bridal party along with all their guests on a parade route, sometimes to get people from one venue to another and sometimes just around the city on a short strut around town. The second line is made up of two parts: the fi rst line, which is the brass band and the bride and groom who usually have a uniquely decorated parasol. And the second line, which is all of the wedding guests who usually have a wedding keepsake handkerchief to wave as they dance along to the lively music and wish well to the newly married couple.

YOUR GUESTS RAVED ABOUT: Our guests loved the location, a few had never visited New Orleans before, the food, and they are still talking about the second line!

ADVICE FOR COUPLES CONSIDERING NEW ORLEANS FOR THEIR WEDDING: There are many different areas of the city that give the wedding and its guests different experiences and moods. If you are into music there are a ton of venues in the French Quarter that are a full on New Orleans experience. If you want something a little more traditional but still close to all the French Quarter action the CBD (Central Business District) has some really great venues. If you want something with a little more southern charm Uptown has some very beautiful plantation style homes fi lled with character. There is literally a venue for every type of wedding all located in very close proximity.

Bride & Groom: Karrie Riordan, Baltimore, MD & Adam Johnson, Georgetown, DE

Karrie and Adam were married on November 26 2016 with a sunset ceremony and reception at Il Mercato in the Lower Garden District.

WHY NEW ORLEANS: We love to travel, and so do many of our friends and family, so a destination wedding was a no brainer for us. New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities since I fi rst traveled there at 18. Also, my maternal grandparents met in New Orleans, so my family has ties there. I always knew that New Orleans would be the perfect place for a wedding, you can’t beat the food, the music or the beautiful architecture as a backdrop.

SPECIAL MEMORIES IN NEW ORLEANS BEFORE THE BIG DAY: While I had been many times, Adam had never been to New Orleans before we got engaged. He trusted me with selecting a venue in New Orleans which we booked sight unseen. Soon after, we took a trip there for my birthday weekend to do some wedding planning and we had a lot of fun exploring around town. We even found a band for our cocktail hour just by seeing them busk on Royal Street.

THE DECIDING FACTOR: There is a great quote by Bob Dylan that sums it up “There are many places I like, but I like New Orleans better.”

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR NEW ORLEANS WEDDING: We absolutely loved our wedding venue in the Lower Garden District, Il Mercato, it had an outdoor courtyard with a fi replace that was so romantic and perfect for a sunset ceremony.

YOUR GUESTS RAVED ABOUT: We hired a live event painter to paint the reception as it was happening and our guests were impressed by how talented she was. Also, we ended our reception with a second line parade led by the Kinfolk Brass Band. Not everyone had been to New Orleans before, so some guests were completely surprised by it. Our parade went through a few blocks that surrounded our venue and people were coming outside of their houses to watch us and some even joined in. It was an awesome experience!

ADVICE FOR COUPLES CONSIDERING NEW ORLEANS FOR THEIR WEDDING: Do it! But try to avoid the summer months when it is too hot and humid and early fall when there is still a threat of hurricanes.

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