About 10 years ago, I married into a farming family. Living on multigenerational land is a very special thing. Our number one goal has been to take care of the farm to then pass it to the next generation.

So, in 2019, when our farmer sadly passed away, and our youngest was going into kindergarten, it felt like time for a change. I had always wanted to take over farming operations, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what potential the farm has in regard to agritourism.


While it was partly situational, we are a spiritual family and it had always been on my heart to do something with the farm on a community level. My family encouraged us to explore agritourism.

Now, our farm can host large events, workshops, farm-to-table meals, tours, and anything else related to our agriculture. We are able to combine our love for agriculture, sustaining farmland, and “knowing where your food comes from” with people and our local community!

Our farm can host large events, workshops, farm-to-table meals, tours, and anything else related to our agriculture.


We come from a long line of entrepreneurs, and with every small business there are struggles, but there are also amazing successes, which is what keeps us going.

One of the best things to come out of Wildberry is the amazing community who really encouraged us this past year to keep going even when things were scary with the pandemic.

We had so many people coming up to us at our markets, sending emails, or commenting on our social media that we are providing exactly what our community needs right now, and that is why we do this!


Don’t forget to take time to dream. There will be times when things are so busy you barely have time to take care of yourself, but during those coveted “down times,” find the time to dream.

Also try and find like-minded women entrepreneurs of all levels to confide in and learn from – these ladies will become your rock when you need it, your hype-women, and your greatest support base… the same as you will become for them.


We are expanding our in-house workshops, which vary from flower arranging to wreath making. We are also kicking off our Farm to Table Series this year with dates in both the summer and fall. These meals will be completely made with food grown at Wildberry Farm + Market.

Additionally, we expanded our Field Market to run every other Saturday June through November. The Field Market features our farm-fresh produce and rainbow eggs, as well as hosts various other local small businesses and vendors such as food trucks, flower trucks, and local makers/creators/artisans.

Wildberry Farm + Market
Open seasonally March – December
1047 Saint Stephens Church Rd, Crownsville, MD 21032
Online ordering available: wildberryfarmmarket.com