Thirty-two different spider species can be commonly found in Maryland.

Spiders are an extremely common pest people deal with not just in Maryland, but all over the United States. Because of how common it is to find spiders in homes and gardens, it may seem overwhelming to know how to keep spiders away. Despite how hard it may seem, it is possible to have a bug-free home.

Knowing the basics about preventing spiders is the first step in properly getting rid of and preventing an infestation.

Continue reading to learn about spider infestation prevention.

Harmless and Harmful Spiders

The first thing to decipher before worrying is whether or not the spider you are dealing with is harmful.

Some of the spiders that are most commonly seen here in homes are usually harmless because they typically have no desire to bite you. They prefer to be in dark places.

Here are some harmless common house spiders:

  • American house spider
  • Cellar spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Barn funnel weaver spider

These spiders will rarely bite you unless they feel threatened. If they do end up biting you, there are little to no effects, the most you may experience is a slight pain from the bite, but that is nothing concerning.

Now, there are house spiders that can be harmful, but bites are not extremely common. Knowing which spiders to look out for though in terms of the harm they can cause is important.

Here are two harmful common house spiders:

  • Brown recluse
  • Black widow

These two spiders can cause serious harm if they bite you. The brown recluse can cause deep sores, fever, vomiting, severe pain, and more. The black widow can cause very serious issues such as severe pain, muscle cramps, and difficulty breathing.

Infestation Prevention

Now, there are different ways you can go about keeping spiders away from your home.

Making sure any cracks and holes are sealed properly will keep many bugs, including outdoor spiders out of your home. That is the most common way spiders and other insects get into homes.

If you see any webs, it is best to get rid of them, as webs may attract even more spiders.

Spiders tend to hide out in areas that are cluttered and where their food sources are. Cleaning up any clutter will prevent them from having places to hide, making them easier to see and get rid of. Try to not leave out any food that spiders can get to, as that will attract them to your home.

Spiders eat many different bugs that can be commonly found in houses such as flies and ants. Taking care of other insect infestations will help as well.

Keep Spiders Away Today

If you have a spider problem that begins to feel out of your control, contacting a pest control company is the best option.

Here at Planet Friendly Pest Control, we are here to help you with your pest needs in a way that is helpful to you and harmless to the environment. We offer a variety of services and are here to help you keep spiders away.

Contact Planet Friendly Pest Control if you have any questions or concerns regarding pests.