Here She Is – Tatonya Holman


Tatonya Holman is the Founder and President of Women of Excellence (W.O.E.). Established in 2007, as a non-profit outreach organization to encourage excellence in the lives of young girls and women, this year marks 10 years of dedication and service.

On your motivation:
My motivation for starting the Women of Excellence foundation was the mere fact that I met so many young girls and women that needed a safe place to express themselves without judgment. My passion for women has driven me to empower, encourage and reach young women daily. W.O.E.’s vision of “developing and encouraging excellence in all aspects in the lives of young girls and women” is a direct reflection of how I strive to live my life. I will continue to use W.O.E. as my platform to positively impact and change lives.

On balancing work, family & giving back:
These areas are all so very important to me. I find myself at times being overwhelmed with work, family and giving back but I strive to carve out the time and be deliberate in making sure I make the time for what is most important. I prefer to say I have found a rhythm that works for me and my family. My priorities are defined and I have to make the time to juggle all my priorities.

On celebrating 10 years:
I am proud to announce W.O.E. will be celebrating 10 years of actively serving the community and the young girls and women that are a part of it! We will celebrate and honor individuals who have empowered W.O.E. to be a recognizable force in the lives of everyday women. Please join us for a “black-tie” affair fundraising event on October 14, 2017. This is an event you will not want to miss! Additionally, we are looking for corporate sponsors for this incredibly important evening and fundraising event. Your commitment as a sponsor will provide W.O.E. with continued opportunities to shape and influence the lives of women and young girls in the communities we serve.

On your greatest accomplishment so far:
My greatest accomplishment since creating W.O.E. is having the opportunity to assist battered women with re-establishing themselves and their families in their local communities. During the holidays, we adopt women and their children who have suffered from domestic abuse, and provide Christmas for them. The entire W.O.E gather to fellowship with the family, eat dinner, and have the opportunity to provide gifts for the family. What an exciting time is was to see them open their gifts and show so much appreciation. This was the greatest feeling ever!

On what’s next:
W.O.E. gives me the opportunity to shape and influence the lives of women. I will continue to use this platform to expand the beyond the local community through the use of social media platforms to reach women globally. W.O.E. is committed to leading the organization with passion, morals, and genuine concern for women. I will continue to serve as the voice of empowerment through women focused forums, retreats and conference throughout the community. Looking forward to the next 10 years!