Get Your Finances Back on Track


Life as we knew it changed in the face of the coronavirus. Now that things are slowly starting to open back up, some places (and people) are getting out of quarantine faster than others. Restaurants have indoor service, church services are resuming, and businesses are opening their doors to limited amounts of customers at a time. 

What does this mean for you? It means this is a good time to take a fresh look at your finances. During this recent crisis, you may have only been focused on your “Four Walls” – food, utilities, shelter, and transportation – but now is the perfect opportunity to look at your current situation with a renewed understanding. 

A simple $1,000 starter emergency fund can change an emergency into an inconvenience. Conquering debt little by little is a huge accomplishment and will give you motivation to continue. Saving a fully funded emergency fund, three to six months of household expenses, will alleviate stress. Here is what you need to look at to determine what is next for you: 

Are you still out of work, or feel like your income is not very stable? 
Fortifying your Four Walls until you get your financial situation sorted may be the path you need to take. Getting that starter emergency fund and creating a monthly budget will help you in this process. 

Are you working from home or have you gone back into the office and feel a little more secure in your situation? 
Stabilizing your Four Walls and attacking your financial goals will be the next step you want to take. Itemize your outstanding bills and start paying them down – trust me, this is a real motivational boost. Then moving on to that fully funded emergency fund… WOW! Less worries for the next life event. 

Either way, make sure your income is stable, you have established a steady foundation, and you are ready to look at your financial future. A lot of things have changed in the last few months and continue to change in the months to come. Let me guide you into financial peace. 

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Financial Coach Carlisa Kent helps individuals and businesses conquer their finances in a smart and sustainable way. A graduate of Trinity College, Washington D.C., and a mother of four, Carlisa successfully lived through her own financial crisis and now wants to help others do the same. After a devastating car accident in 2008, Carlisa was able to keep her family financially secure while going through litigations and financial stress. Due to self-discipline and education, Carlisa never missed a bill and was able to continue a happy life although her family had no income for two years. Looking back on it, Carlisa knows she was successful because she stopped and evaluated her future before the crisis hit – and you can, too. Find Carlisa on Facebook at Carlisa Cares Financial Solutions.