Dr. O’s Newest Venture


I. Monet Ouwinga, MD, fondly known as Dr. O, of Your Time Medical P.C. recently teamed up with Travis Roberts, CRNP to form the new medical practice, OT Family Medicine, located in Dunkirk.

The physician and nurse practitioner duo will begin seeing patients on April 2, 2018 in their new office suite. If you are a patient of Dr. O or have followed her past articles you know she is passionate about mental health. She also has a special interest in aesthetic medical treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and exfoilative peels etc.

Dr. O is a board certified family physician who previously offered her cosmetic services after hours and on weekends. Her new practice, OT Family Medicine, will allow her to unite both in one place, treating patients both inside and out, and offering primary care for the entire family.

SMW: What inspired you to take the leap?
Dr. O: Over the past few months I’ve been dreaming of expanding Your Time Medical P.C. and creating my version of a practice that offered family medicine care with a patient centered model. I have a relationship with the hospital, the support of my well respected col-leagues, my family and friends, so it was a no brainer. All I needed was the right partner and after spending numerous months working with Mr. Roberts it became evident that we shared the same thoughts and philosophy on health-care. It was there a partnership was born.

SMW: What makes your idea of a practice “patient centered”?
Dr. O: We’ve all been a patient at one time or another, usually not of our own volition. OT Family Medicine is dedicated to merging the best of both old and new to provide optimal care for our patients.

For example, we will be doing old fashioned home visits for our elderly patients unable to make it into the office, including home lab services and modern telemedicine for appropriate conditions, follow up appointments and other telemedicine appropriate circumstances. We have established a relationship with Lab Corp which will allow our non-insured patients a significant discount for their testing.

There will be the ease of booking your own appointment online, with extended hours on both ends, 7am-8pm on designated days and two Saturdays each month. Our goal is to decrease avoidable hospitalizations or urgent care visits while getting to know our patients on a personal level.

We have established a relationship with a local and internet “taxi service” that will service our patients to and from their appointments and to the pharmacy if needed at a discounted rate. The patient arranges their appointment and the pick-up with the company directly.

We are also collaborating with a select few daycare centers, including Kids Campus Early Learning Center in Dunkirk, to offer same day appointments for children that have to be sent home due to illness. The same is being offered to selected assisted living facilities, de-creasing time off from work for caregivers and assessing medical diagnosis acutely.

SMW: For those interested in home visits, does that mean you will be their new primary care physician?
Dr. O: This is a misconception that should be clarified: If you do a home visit you are now that person’s primary care provider (PCP).

No, while it is ideal to have your PCP and your home visit provider be the same, it may not always be practical. Furthermore, if you are being followed by a specialist within your current group we will gladly work with your provider. We accept referrals and provide documentation of current status and any medication changes with the PCP or specialist, as well as any recommendations we may have.

This has to be one of my favorite parts of this new venture, as I have been welcomed into the homes of many and have gotten to learn some back roads of Calvert and St. Mary’s County.

Our practice will be a one stop shop for our patients from pediatrics to geriatrics. Both Mr. Roberts and I are also interested in hormonal treatments and minor GI procedures, like hemorrhoid banding. We will also be performing DOT physical exams and other necessary examinations.

SMW: Does this mean you will pulling back from any other of your other roles?
Dr. O: Absolutely not! I will continue to hold true to my oath and provide the best care to all patients.

I will continue to put my Maternal Child Health fellowship training to practice by offering STD testing, counseling, birth control options including IUD’s and contraceptive implants.

I’ll be continuing my aesthetics services within our clinic and at private functions, and I’m working on a collaboration with a salon in Temples Hills, Md. I am also still working as a physician examiner of children afflicted by all forms of abuse and will maintain my role as a substance abuse treatment provider.

SMW: How Can We Become a Patient of Your Practice?
Dr. O: We are currently accepting new patients and it’s an easy process of changing your primary care provider from your current group to our practice. We will gladly facilitate the process of obtaining your medical records.

Appointments are available starting April 2, 2018 and we accept most health insurances including Medicaid and Medicare (with the exception of Jai and Kaiser).

To schedule your appointment, please call our office at 443-646-3532 or book online at www.OTFamilyMed.com.