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Pure Love Bracelet

Throughout the ages, jewelry has been seen as a symbol of wealth, love, and social status. From simple wedding bands to whimsical charm bracelets, jewelry has also been used to commemorate the important events in our lives. In recent years, a new style of “remembrance” jewelry has taken the industry by storm.

It began with the “Add-a-Bead” necklaces, first introduced during the 1980’s. Then in the early 2000’s a variety of jewelry companies including Chamilia and Pandora introduced a new “add-on” style of jewelry which blended the add-a-bead concept with the sentimental significance of charm bracelets. Beautiful, handcrafted beads signifying moods, events, special occasions, and locations were designed in colorful glass or ceramic beads set in silver and gold. The beads could be purchased individually for special occasions, or as a complete bracelet with its own theme design.

Taking the significance theme to the next level, Master Jewelry Designer Ronaldo has created a stunningly beautiful new line of custom jewelry. Crafted from 14k gold wire, platinum, and Argentium silver, award-winning designer Ronaldo adds precious and semi-precious stones to his unique jewelry designs to tell a story with each piece. Some examples, as listed on his website, include:

Power of Prayer
The Power of Prayer Bracelet

The Power of Prayer® Bracelet – The absolute Power of Prayer is undeniable. Through prayer, our hearts are filled with joy, our burdens lifted, and our faith strengthened. This beautifully hand- crafted, seven beaded daily prayer bracelet is a wonderful way to express your belief in the Power of Prayer.

The Prayer bracelet features two diamond cut 14K Gold artist wires with a center round wire. There is a center ‘window’ housing 7 beads. Each bead represents a prayer for each day of the week.

Remember when you were a child, just before bedtime, you were told to brush your teeth and say your prayers? Later in life, your grandmother said, “When you wake up, thank God for your blessings; when you go to sleep, thank God for that day.”

These are the thoughts that encouraged Ronaldo to invent the Power of Prayer bracelet. Prayer is something we all can use.

Pearl of My Heart
Pearl of My Heart Bracelet

The Pearl of My Heart® Bracelet – This elegant bracelet says, “You deserve this perfect gift because you are the Pearl of My Heart.” The Pearl of My Heart is created with two strands of flat 14K Gold artist wire and a single strand of round 14K Gold artist wire in the middle. The genuine white or peach colored Pearl is perfectly centered and shows the natural beauty of Mother Nature.

Pure Love Bracelet
Pure Love Bracelet

The Pure Love® Bracelet – “When anything in life is great it becomes pure” This is for the ultimate lovers who have captured pure love that is so tightly wrapped that it can withstand the storms of life. The Pure Love Bracelet is created with a very hard to braid 6 strand love knot.
Ronaldo has created and copyrighted almost 900 different designs in over 30 years as a jewelry designer. Each piece is handmade here in America, using the only finest quality materials. In creating his custom designs, Renaldo uses jewelry-making skills taught to him by his father, techniques lost by most in the industry. The spectacular results of his skill and artistry are intricate, one-of-a-kind works of art which set him apart from other jewelry designers.
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