What Is A Good Breakfast?


Choosing the right foods for breakfast can help to boost energy and curb hunger.

The foods you eat for breakfast can really affect how you feel and perform throughout your morning, and there are several things that a good breakfast can do for you. It is highly recommended that you consume at least 15 grams of protein within 1 hour of waking up.

A healthy breakfast is a meal that can:

1) Keep you fueled up until your next meal or snack. A well-balanced breakfast should provide you with staying power. Foods with protein help to satisfy hunger, and high fiber foods help to fill you up.

2) Supply your body and brain with energy. In the morning, your body’s gas tank is running close to empty. When you eat the right foods for breakfast, you’re providing your muscles and brain with the fuel they need for optimal performance.

3) Help avoid blood sugar swings and reduce cravings. A balanced meal that contains both protein and healthy carbohydrates can provide a steady and sustained release of energy into your system, and help ward off wild swings in your blood sugar that can trigger cravings for sweets or other unhealthy foods. (This applies as long as you don’t have any medical issues that might affect your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar).

4) Help you make better food choices throughout the day. Breakfast skippers often experience food cravings for sweets and fats that can persist throughout the day. But a recent study found that when breakfast is eaten, the cravings for sweets drop dramatically. And, if the breakfast is high in protein, it tends to also reduce cravings for salty, fatty foods, too.   So, the right foods in the morning could help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods later in the day, and could steer you towards healthier choices.

5) Provide enough protein to help support muscle health. Eating enough protein in the morning not only helps satisfy hunger, it can also help maintain muscle health, too. For many people, typical daily meals tend to provide little protein at breakfast, a bit more at lunch, and a much larger amount at dinner – a pattern that may not provide the best conditions for the building and repairing of muscle tissue. In a study published last year, muscle protein synthesis was shown to be 25% greater in subjects whose protein intake was more evenly distributed throughout the day, compared to those who ate most of their protein at the evening meal.

I begin each day with a healthy Formula 1 Meal replacement shake by Herbalife. It contains up to 21 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, 9 g of protein and fiber to help support weight management. Formula 1 gives you protein and balanced nutrition. It can also be made hot and added to oatmeal on cold days.

I also mix a serving (2 scoops) in 1% milk with ice and blend OR sometimes I use water and Herbalife Protein Drink Mix which is a plant derived protein powder. It contains 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 g of soy protein per serving; great at keeping my blood sugars balanced all morning.

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A balanced breakfast should provide you with a decent amount of protein (20-30 grams would be a good target) to help satisfy hunger and to support muscle health, along with some healthy carbohydrates which can provide sustained energy and fiber. Carbohydrates should include – at the very least – some fruits or vegetables; if calories allow, add some whole grains as well. This is essential after a workout.

With these simple guidelines, it’s easy to put together a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. Here are a few of my favorite healthy breakfasts:

  1. Spinach on top of scrambled eggs (egg whites) with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and fresh fruit on the side.
  2. Fruit in Formula 1 meal replacement shake, made with low fat milk (or soy milk) or Herbalife Protein Drink Mix.
  3. Greek yogurt (<10g of sugar in 6oz) with 1oz walnuts or cottage cheese (2% milkfat) topped with either fresh fruit and cinnamon or chopped raw vegetables and some fresh black pepper.

Using my own personal experiences and the research of Susan Bowerman, Director of Nutrition Training at Herbalife. Susan is a Registered Dietitian and a Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. Visit www.discovergoodnutrition.com

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Luanne Barnas is a Personal Wellness Coach with Herbalife International and the owner of LaPlata Nutrition which opened in December 2007. Luanne helps people achieve their health goals, whether weight loss or gain, or just attaining a better level of health. Over the past 7 years, Luanne has personally helped hundreds of clients achieve their nutritional goals and realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Luanne, a certified personal trainer, and avid exerciser, found herself still wanting to lose 10-15 pounds at age 40. At that time she felt like she ate the right foods and she exercised 7 days a week, but was not getting the results she was looking for. Her sister-in-law introduced her to a Cellular Nutrition program and taught Luanne about the power of plant based protein. Luanne began a customized nutrition program, and immediately felt the energy from the “new food” she was introducing to her body. Within a few months Luanne lost 30 pounds, 15 inches and went from a size 10 to a size 6! Within the past year, Luanne has taken her results to a new level. Incorporating Herbalife Sports Nutrition into her daily routine, Luanne has gotten herself in the best shape of her life at age 50. “I am so thrilled with my results, I want to share it with everyone,” says Luanne. Because of her incredible results and passion to help others, Luanne is also taking advantage of the Herbalife business opportunity. She loves being her own boss, and working with people in her LaPlata office, which serves close to 100 clients each day. In 2012, Luanne’s husband Ken became so inspired himself that he officially joined Luanne in the Herbalife business. Together they work as a team, teaching and training their organization to do as they were taught by the leaders in the company. Their son, Daniel, a recent Salisbury University graduate is joining his parents in the business and introducing this healthy lifestyle to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Luanne, Ken and their team of wellness coaches in the tri-county area (and beyond) are passionately helping their respective communities realize the benefits of a healthy, active, lifestyle. For more information visit, www.luannebarnas.com, www.laplatanutrition.com or call 301-643-7682.


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