Turn Up The Heat This Summer On Your Sales Promotions


Summer is here and as the Southern Maryland temperatures are rising, now is the perfect time to turn up the heat on your summer sales promotions. With schools out for the summer and vacationers visiting Southern Maryland, you are going to want to draw customers in to your business with smart sales strategies.

Think about how excited you were for those 4th of July sales and I am sure you are already waiting for the Labor Day ones – not that you are wishing away the summer!

Sales promotions are a great way to attract new customers and reward the ones you already have, plus incentivize them to spend more money with your business. Here are some sales promotion ideas to think about incorporating into your strategy:

Price Deals: Who doesn’t love a good deal? Lowering your prices for a limited time is known to drive customers to your business. New customers will have a reason to come try out your business and your current customers will appreciate the discount.

Premiums: Your loyal customers already love you and why not enhance your reach by using those customers as a marketing tool. Give those customers items to walk around town with that have your business branded on it. Whether it’s a reusable tote bag, coffee mug, hat, etc. people love to receive a complimentary item, especially from one of their favorite businesses.

Gift-with-Purchase Programs: Entice current and new customers to shop with your business by offering a special gift-with-purchase incentive. For example, customers who spend $100 or more will receive a special gift item (this is another area to use those branded items that promote your business). Everyone loves to receive a gift and this type of sales promotion can encourage customers to spend more/try new services you offer.

Customer Loyalty Cards/Continuity Programs: Reward your dependable customers with a loyalty program where they get a reward for frequenting your business. Whether that is a percentage off a purchase or a free service, your customers will appreciate it. This is also a great way to bring back a first-time customer to do more business with you.

Sampling: There is no better way to get your product in your customer’s hands than to offer a free sample. Let them try it out and realize for themselves that your business is worth their time and money.

Sweepstakes/Contests/Raffles: Make shopping with your business fun for your customers. Offer a sweepstakes, contest, or raffle to get them involved. The chance to win can bring you new or more frequent business.

Special Events: Host a special event to celebrate and thank your customers. You can offer some food and drink, special discounts, maybe even partner with a local charity to give back to the community. Getting current and new customers into your place of business is always an opportunity to grow and maintain relationships.

And don’t forget the back-to-school shopping craze; the sales promotions don’t end here!

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Megan Vereb
Megan Vereb is the owner of MV Marketing & Events, LLC. She has spent more than 8 years immersed in marketing and events within the New York and Washington, DC publishing industry, working for top-notch magazines including Marie Claire, WebMD, JCK, and more. After moving to Calvert County in the summer of 2015, Megan decided to start MV Marketing & Events, LLC to work with local businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategy and grow their business.


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