Strategies for Successful Advertising


Advertising is an essential part of marketing your business. There are various ways in which to go about advertising, all which depend upon your type of business, target customers, and available budget. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, we are constantly being confronted with new and innovative ways of sharing and receiving information, which is why it is vital to consider an integrated approach.

I am an advocate for considering all media options available to you (print, online, television, radio, etc.). Talk to your local sales representatives for each outlet and gather information. It is important to compare and contrast what each option offers you. Some may have a larger audience; while other may target the exact demographic you are trying to reach. Think about your customers’ habits and try to narrow down where you can best reach them on a daily basis. If your budget allows, follow an integrated plan across several media outlets. Do some informal research and ask your new customers where they found out about your business. This is a great and inexpensive way to pinpoint which ads may be working better than others.

Once you have narrowed down your advertising avenues, start to think about your design and messaging. The design is very important, as you want to have an eye-catching ad that grabs the attention of the audience. However, the messaging is just as important as it directly reflects your brand. Make sure your advertising message is consistent across all of your communications platforms.

Have fun, be creative, and leave your customers with a lasting impression!


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