Spring into Action


The cold weather is behind us (hopefully!) and spring excitement is in the air. Use this time to assess your networking situation and focus on building new business relationships.

Are you an involved member of the community and local business network? Now is the time to do some research about networking opportunities in your local area.

Whether it’s the chamber of commerce or a local business-networking group, get involved! You may be surprised to learn how much these organizations have to offer. These groups not only provide business-to-business interaction, but you can learn a great deal of business insight through presentations, seminars, and by hosting a networking event.

Hosting networking events is a great way to get other local businesses and community members to come out to your place of business and interact with your products or services. Whether it is for morning coffee, lunch, or happy hour after work, face-to-face interaction builds strong relationships.

Don’t have a business storefront? No need to worry, you can still get involved by sponsoring an already planned event. Bring food and drinks for everyone or participate in a fun giveaway where the prize is linked to your business. P.S. This is a great way to collect everyone’s business card!

Remember local businesses love to support other local businesses, so spring into action and start filling up your calendar today. You never know how one connection could open you up to a world of new business!


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