Seeking Purpose, Living Dreams – The Power of Visualization


What can be seen, Can be manifested. As I sit here in my home office on this brisk Saturday morning, sipping on warm coffee from my favorite mug, I am surrounded by images that reflect back to me my held beliefs as well as, subsequent manifestations. There are numerous vision boards, wall arts, personalized sayings, books and magazines that remind me to remain connected to the desires of my heart. When I enter this space, I am greeted by feelings of inspirations and encouragement. There is an instant draw from within that focuses my attention toward everything “I CAN SEE”.

The intent of this piece is to use practical visualization techniques as a way of staying connected to your heart’s desires. Think of this brief time we spend together as a reflective pause to ponder theses question: What do I believe is possible for me? What has manifested in my life thus far?

I am asking you to make a connection between the desires of your heart, the images held in your mind, and the realities seen by your eyes. Let us begin…

It all begins with a deep rooted sense of self-worth. For the purpose of this article; I would like to define self-worth as “placing value on you, the true you that exists within.” Research shows that when we are centered and feel connected to our true selves, we show up brilliantly in the world. This brilliancy becomes our signature mark. It is from this point that we begin to visualize life like never before. And eventually the aperture of possibility takes on new shapes, sizes, colors, and even themes.

As life’s possibilities begin to show up in various new forms and images it becomes increasingly important to take action. Grab hold of these possibilities in image form and create an environment that reflects back to you everything you can see. If alone time in a hammock between two oak trees on a warm spring day is a held possibility for you, then find a picture in a magazine and keep it before your eyes. If family prayer time is a held possibility, then write the words “FAMILY PRAYER TIME” on a sticky note and place it on the bathroom mirror. Whatever the held possibility, take action to keep it before your eyes. No matter how impossible it may seem when compared to life’s realities, keep it before your eyes. For it is your discipline here that matters most. You are disciplining your lens and subconscious mind to remain fixated on the art of the possible.

I cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of keeping images before your eyes that reflect back the desires of your heart. I say this because it is very possible to live and exist in a reality that is completely opposite from the desires of your heart. In such cases, visible reminders help to keep you connected to what matters most, the brilliant you that exists within. The brilliant you that is guided by a self-worth barometer, boldly willing to show up in the world.

In closing, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, as the English would say. I could have begun by simply asking you to visualize your life’s desires. Instead, I intentionally set the tone of visualization by sharing with you my environment. The descriptions of my surroundings guided your imaginations, helping you to imagine my office, the time of year, and even the mug I sipped from. Using images to describe your hearts desires will set a new tone of believing for you.

Keeping the art of the possible before your eyes is a powerful tool, which should not be taken for granted. Begin today to describe your life in stages and phases with images that reflect back to you your hearts desires. What can be seen, Can be manifested!

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Shaniqua Cousins
Shaniqua Cousins is an entrepreneur, author, leader and inspirational speaker. She served in the United States Navy from 1997 - 2006 and continues to serve her country as a proud member of the Federal Civilian Service. As in her military career, Shaniqua has quickly become a respected leader, outstanding manager, and mentor. Shaniqua speaks on purposeful living, enjoying life, goal achievement and self-improvement and has self-published and authored Life, Experiences, Preparation, and Purpose; Co-Authored My Name is Mommy, Stories of Motherhood and the Lessons it Taught; Founded Shaniqua Cousins World Group LLC; created the website and Letters To My Daughter: Moments Captured, Bonds Sealed, Designer stationary gift box collection; launched an international Newsletter, Seek Purpose Live Dreams and produces and hosts the international Seek Purpose, Live Dreams TV web series, airing regularly on Social Media Platforms. Shaniqua has been interviewed by both television and radio personalities across the country, allowing her to share her message of purposeful living to thousands. Visit for more information.


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