If you are a Southern Maryland resident, you know how beautiful it is down here — from the coastal areas to wetlands and forests, we have a little bit of everything. Protecting these precious lands is part of the Sierra Club’s mission. Check out the top five ways our environmental organization is actively supporting Southern Maryland in its planet-friendly goals.

Leaving Coal in the Dust: Moving away from coal and onto cleaner, more renewable energy sources is crucial for clean air and stopping climate change in its tracks. Southern Maryland is making progress – a 50-year-old coal plant in Charles County has promised to stop burning by 2027.

Watching Our Waste: Maryland has recently banned foam food containers. Single-use materials like foam and plastic tend to end up in the bay, harming our wildlife. If we want to keep our bay clean, we need to keep our trash away and in the landfill. Small substitutes can really add up — remember those reusable bags at the grocery store!

The World is Our Oyster: The oyster is our bay’s natural filtration system. That is why oyster restoration has been so successful in improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay. With plenty of oysters, a diverse group of species can call the bay their home – and we can enjoy it, too.

Reining in our Runoff: Oysters can’t do all the work. For clean streams, rivers, bays, and oceans, we need laws that stop the dumping of harmful chemicals. Maryland has lots of runoff and water pollution laws already, but we can do better.

Giving People a Reason to Care: We think it’s crucial to help folks see the environment just like we do: as a place that is beautiful, full of wonder, and worthy of our protection. Come explore Sierra Club’s activism events and activities in your county — or your own backyard!

3 Easy Ways Southern Maryland Women Can Help Save the Earth

Feed Your Body and the Planet: According to Forbes, the average household wastes $1,866 of food per year — food going directly into landfills. Meal-prepping can help reduce the food waste you produce, and composting can turn scraps into nutrient-rich soil!

Rid Yourself of Poisonous Plastic: The sad truth is that plastic ends up in our bay — and sometimes in the animals we love so much. There are so many ways to reduce plastic waste. Simply remembering to use your reusable bags, coffee mug, and water bottle can make a huge difference. If you have a little one, you can also experiment with cloth diapers. There are even bamboo and wooden toothbrushes available now!

Be Loud: Your voice matters. The best way to make lasting change is to speak up and have an influence on your community and local politics. You might even help pass a law! A quick phone call or email can let your legislators know you care. If you need an update on local politics, try checking out one of the many Maryland political blogs. And of course, don’t forget to vote!

If you are feeling inspired, reach out to us! Learn about coal, zero waste, and more at SierraClub.org/Maryland. Help us take action to support our environmental initiatives, from political lobbying to just getting outside.