Getting through The Holidays with Your Diet Intact

No skipping meals. If I have a dinner party to go to, that’s the day I get my healthy meal FORMULA 1 shake in for breakfast and then again for lunch, having a snack in between. People who skip meals to save up calories tend to eat everything in sight once they get there

Holidays bring family and friends together to celebrate traditions and spread good cheer. They also bring lots of opportunities for socializing, eating and drinking. Even the most disciplined people struggle with temptation during the holiday season.

To navigate the party landmines with your healthy diet intact, you need a strategy. Experts agree: having a plan in place will help you handle night after night of eating and drinking.
To help you survive the seasonal parties without packing on the pounds, I offer the following suggestions:

  1. Trim back the trimmings. To shave calories, go easy when adding cheese, cream sauces, gravy, butter and whipped cream – additions that don’t add much to the meal, but can add plenty to your waistline. Trim calories wherever you can so you leave the party feeling satisfied, but not stuffed.
  2. Wear snug clothes and keep one hand busy. When you wear snug-fitting attire, chances are you’ll be too busy holding in your stomach to overeat. While you stand around looking posh in your holiday finery, hold a drink in your dominant hand so it won’t be so easy to grab food.
  3. Chew gum. When you don’t want to eat, pop a piece of sugarless gum into your mouth. This works well when you’re cooking or when you’re trying not to dive into the buffet.
  4. Be a food snob. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. Scan the buffet for foods you truly treasure and skip the everyday dishes that are available all year long. Go ahead and indulge in your personal holiday favorites, then find a seat and, slowly and mindfully, savor every mouthful.
  5. No skipping meals. If I have a dinner party to go to, that’s the day I get my healthy meal FORMULA 1  shake in for breakfast and then again for lunch, having a snack in between. People who skip meals to save up calories tend to eat everything in sight once they get there. Eating sensibly throughout the day will take the edge off the appetite and empower a bit of restraint. Start with a nourishing breakfast. Meal replacement shakes, fruits and vegetables, whole grains are the items we should have in our refrigerator and pantry. Clinical studies have shown that meal replacement shakes can provide all the nutrients your body needs to get through the day. Eat in intervals throughout the day, every 3 hours, in small portions. Add fruits  or veggies into the shake, and try different flavors for variety.
  6. Check it out. When you arrive at the party, grab a sparkling water with a twist, and wait at least 30 minutes before eating. Herbalife offers two enhancing supplements that target sugar & saturated fats  1.) SNACK DEFENSE: a tablet which will help keep blood sugars balanced when consuming carbohydrates (sugar- including alcohol).  2.) THERMOBOND: a fiber based tablet that attracts to “bad fats” before they are absorbed into your system.  By preparing and taking these steps, it gives you time to relax, get comfortable in your surroundings, and survey your food choices on the buffet before diving in.
  7. Add fun and games. Being physically active every day is another important key to surviving the holidays. It releases stress & revives energy to get you through the day. Remember to replenish after the workout, with protein & water, this helps build the muscle. So a shake after a workout is the best gift you can give your body!
  8. Alternate alcohol with nonalcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories – especially holiday favorites like eggnog. Cut your alcohol calories in half by alternating water or seltzer between alcoholic beverages.

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Luanne Barnas
Luanne Barnas is a Personal Wellness Coach with Herbalife International and the owner of LaPlata Nutrition which opened in December 2007. Luanne helps people achieve their health goals, whether weight loss or gain, or just attaining a better level of health. Over the past 7 years, Luanne has personally helped hundreds of clients achieve their nutritional goals and realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Luanne, a certified personal trainer, and avid exerciser, found herself still wanting to lose 10-15 pounds at age 40. At that time she felt like she ate the right foods and she exercised 7 days a week, but was not getting the results she was looking for. Her sister-in-law introduced her to a Cellular Nutrition program and taught Luanne about the power of plant based protein. Luanne began a customized nutrition program, and immediately felt the energy from the “new food” she was introducing to her body. Within a few months Luanne lost 30 pounds, 15 inches and went from a size 10 to a size 6! Within the past year, Luanne has taken her results to a new level. Incorporating Herbalife Sports Nutrition into her daily routine, Luanne has gotten herself in the best shape of her life at age 50. “I am so thrilled with my results, I want to share it with everyone,” says Luanne. Because of her incredible results and passion to help others, Luanne is also taking advantage of the Herbalife business opportunity. She loves being her own boss, and working with people in her LaPlata office, which serves close to 100 clients each day. In 2012, Luanne’s husband Ken became so inspired himself that he officially joined Luanne in the Herbalife business. Together they work as a team, teaching and training their organization to do as they were taught by the leaders in the company. Their son, Daniel, a recent Salisbury University graduate is joining his parents in the business and introducing this healthy lifestyle to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Luanne, Ken and their team of wellness coaches in the tri-county area (and beyond) are passionately helping their respective communities realize the benefits of a healthy, active, lifestyle. For more information visit,, or call 301-643-7682.


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