Floral, Citrus, Earthy, Musk. What’s Your Scent?


Whether for a birthday, bridal shower, bachelorette party or girls’ night out Soytopia’s new Sip & Scent Perfume Soirees are a unique and memorable way to celebrate. Have you ever tried your hand at making your very own scent?

The good news is that building a fragrance may not be as complicated as you might imagine. In fact there are just three components to any fragrance: a top note, middle note and a base. What makes it a bit more complex is that you can actually combine multiple of each to create a signature scent.

In any perfume, the top note is what you smell as soon as you spray, this scent diffuses quickly. The middle note, or the heart of the fragrance, lasts a bit longer and is the main body of the combination. The base note is what lasts the longest, some even for days, and it helps with slowing down the diffusion or evaporation of the other notes. The base is what you mostly smell hours after applying your perfume.

The local candle, bath and body company Soytopia recently launched its Sip & Scent Perfume Soirees. Soytopia’s perfume bar includes more than 40 vials of various notes that come together and create thousands of possible combinations. Think Jasmine, Gardenia, Bergamont, Lime, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Peppercorn, Vanilla, Chocolate, Clove, Lavender, Amber, Myrrh, Frankincense, Rose and so many others.

Using little paper wands or fragrance blotters as the professionals call them, you sample and smell the various vials, begin blotting and you are on your way to creating your personal scent. Soytopia’s scent consultant will guide you through the process of building your scent with base, middle, and top notes.

Only a few notes are generally agreed upon to not combine so well and the consultant will steer you away from those combinations, however by using the blotter you are able to know exactly how yours is coming along.

There are roughly 3000 fragrance notes that perfume makers use universally, provided by huge manufacturers. The notes in Soytopia’s perfume bar are the same notes used by well known perfume houses to ensure you take home the highest quality perfume.

To top off the perfect party, Soytopia has partnered with Tipsy Cupcakes and brings along an assortment of infused cupcakes and candied apples.

The luxurious world of perfumery is now within reach; Soytopia comes to you throughout the DMV. Book your party today by calling 877-769-8674 and visit soytopiaspa.com for more information about parties or products.