Catching Cheaters, Liars and Frauds


It’s clear that our feelings and concerns about our safety and security have changed in recent years. From corporate investigations to keeping executives safe, to covert surveillance and exposing what your spouse may be up to – these are all things that fall under the category of “safety and personal security” to Noah Graeme CEO/Founder of APOD Group, LLC.

APOD Group, located just south of Washington, DC in La Plata, Md has been in business now for five years and specializes in everything from executive protection, both domestically and internationally, to physical security for large data companies, to private investigation services, which are currently in high demand. Graeme and his team are made up of investigators, former Special Operations members, law enforcement professionals, partners in forensic data, and Executive Protection Agents who provide a variety of services.

His private investigation services and reputation for capturing solid evidence have helped one particular area of his business grow. “The truth is that divorce statistics are already high, and unfortunately many divorces begin and end with bad behavior on the part of one of the spouses,” said Graeme. “When someone in a marriage begins to feel that their partner may be taking advantage of them, whether it takes the form of hiding money or infidelity, being able to capture and secure that evidence early can be critical information in a divorce proceeding. Having hard evidence can provide real legal leverage, and that is something we specialize in. We always get proof and without the subject being aware of it.”

For private investigations, APOD Group uses a combination of their own team members, all of whom are licensed and experienced investigators. Plus, Graeme utilizes additional technology partners who can help with deeper data gathering and intelligence, including specialists in forensic accounting, who can uncover hidden financial assets. “You would be surprised at the lengths people go to in order to hide assets,” stated Graeme. “Fortunately, we have uncovered most of the tricks people try to get away with, so we know exactly where to look!”

Graeme says when you suspect a spouse of potential betrayal, there are the usual telltale signs to look for. “There are definitely indicators, such as frequent or unexpected travel, to numerous cash withdrawals or opening private accounts. Also leaving the room or the house to make phone calls, hiding texts, new phones or devices, and making their social media private.”

So, what does one need to look for when hiring a Private Investigator? According to Graeme, you want to make certain they are licensed in the state you need them to work in, and above all you want someone with a stellar reputation and experience. “We only hire investigators that are licensed, and who come with strong credentials and experience. And they must be referred by other quality contacts or partners.”

Is this kind of work rewarding? “Many women find it emotionally terrifying to try catch a cheater, and by hiring us, they don’t have to. The best part of what we do is that we truly help people get closure in tough and sometimes very emotional circumstances. The information we uncover can be the difference between gaining child custody or not, by exposing irresponsible or hazardous behavior. The information also provides leverage that can potentially create a significantly improved financial outcome for them going forward!”

As a leading provider of intelligence, investigation and advisory for risk mitigation, APOD Group is recognized as a go-to resource in the Metro area and has a large nationwide footprint. For more information contact them at 240-776-6206, or on the web at, or via email at

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Noah Graeme
Noah Graeme, CEO/Founder of APOD GROUP and CPS, PPS, DDM is a U.S. Navy Veteran with 14 years of honorable service. Trained as an Aircrew Survival Equipmentmen, he served in Special Operations as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer, NSW Air-crewman and a MH-60S Helicopter Crew Chief. After the military he opened a parachute company in San Diego CA where they inspected acrobatic aircraft parachutes and manufactured products for the Military. Looking for the faster operational pace that he was accustom to, he made a plan to get into Private Security overseas. One year later, he was accepted to a high-risk Personal Security Detail team in Afghanistan where he protected numerous principal’s instrumental in the infrastructure and security of Afghanistan. With his entrepreneur spirit, he built the APOD Group while in Afghanistan and executed the plan when he returned. Five years later, APOD Group is primarily licensed in 3 states with over 60 protection agents and investigators nationwide, with assets in 18 countries worldwide.