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Here’s what three recent clients had to say about their experience with Boudoir by Beth:

Over the past year, I’ve been on a weight-loss journey and today I am 75 pounds lighter than I was when I started. One of my girlfriends suggested that once I reached my weight-loss goal that I should do a boudoir session to celebrate my body. The thought of having visual proof of my transformation was very exciting to me. Knowing that I would have a “reward” at the end of my journey that I could look at as a reminder of my achievements helped me stay focused toward reaching my goal weight. Once I finally met my goal, it was time to book my session… and I was hesitant. Even though I was significantly smaller, I still saw the same person in the mirror that I saw before. My friend encouraged me to go ahead and do the boudoir session anyway. On the day of my photoshoot, I was excited, but also felt a nervous and very self-conscious. Beth quickly made me feel comfortable. She helped position me, worked hard to get the lighting just right, and paid close attention to every detail to ensure that each shot turned out gorgeous. When she showed me one of the first shots, I couldn’t believe that the girl in the picture was really me! I looked so elegant, beautiful and sexy. Beth helped me love myself again, I feel like a completely different person. Now, whenever I start to forget how far I’ve come, I just look at one of my beautiful shots from my boudoir session with Beth and my confidence is instantly restored. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for another opportunity to do it again!

I was pretty self-conscious of my post-baby body, and anxious about doing a boudoir shoot. The majority of my recent memories involved getting spit up on more times than I’d rather remember, putting my hair in a semi-permanent “mom bun,” and wearing sweat pants for days… the last thing I felt was “sexy,” and it didn’t matter how many times my husband told me otherwise. Beth could tell that I was not super comfortable, and immediately started making me feel more relaxed with her easy-going personality. She shared that her passion was to use her photography to inspire self-confidence in every woman and to help women see themselves the way their loved ones do. When she showed me one of the shots, I was literally stunned! I couldn’t believe that was really ME! After seeing that I really was beautiful, I became much more at ease and actually started to have a lot of fun! Beth encouraged me to open up and express a side of myself that I thought was long gone… this experience definitely restored my self-confidence, and made me love myself again, post-baby body and all.

I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session and finally found the perfect excuse: a wedding day gift for my soon-to-be husband! Beth was so much fun to work with and also a true professional. She made me feel very comfortable posing, and would position me so that the angles and lighting would be perfect. Her attention to detail is beyond belief. Every time she showed me one of the shots I felt even more excited and confident than I had before… I just knew my hubby-to-be would absolutely love it. She also helped me secretly upload them to his phone the morning of the wedding and a bridesmaid helped deliver it to him. When he saw the first picture, his jaw almost literally hit the ground! He stared at each image for several seconds before going on to the next… and then he went back through them all several more times. It was as if he was looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! To say he loved them is an understatement, and he said it was the best wedding day gift he could ever imagine.

Think your Boudoir Album would be the perfect gift? Photo sessions prior to November 30 will be ready by Christmas and photo sessions by January 31 will be ready for Valentine’s Day.

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