Boudoir is not Taboo


Boudoir is no longer a taboo topic. However I know many women are a little too shy to ask questions about boudoir photography and that’s okay because I am going to answer all your burning questions right here, right now.

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of your favorite wine and take some notes so you can pick up the phone and book your boudoir shoot today!

What Exactly is Boudoir Photography, Anyway? Does that mean that I have to get naked? That’s up to you. The term ‘boudoir’ is a derivative of the French word ‘boudeur,’ meaning sulky. More people will relate to the word boudoir as a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room. In a boudoir photo shoot, we strive to capture the sensuality and mystique of the boudoir vibe while maintaining the client’s’ dignity, privacy and above all, their boundaries. So, if getting completely naked is NOT on your priority list, this is a non-issue for me. Being naked is absolutely not synonymous with the word ‘boudoir.’

Is Boudoir for Me? I’m a mom and need to lose fifteen pounds first. I’m pregnant. I’m not photogenic. I’m too old for that. Too often I hear these statements. Let’s get one thing straight. Boudoir is for every woman. Boudoir is for women of all ages, shapes, sizes; my lens sees beauty in all woman and does not have the ability to judge. I aim to capture your personality and boost your confidence during our time together. You will be amazed at what the lens captures versus what you see. These sessions not only visually bring out your confidence, but they capture where you are at in that moment of womanhood.

What’s Next? Alright! You are thinking ‘I can do this’. Simply give me a call and we schedule your complimentary consultation. This will give you a chance to meet me, see the studio space and talk about how you would like to be photographed. We go over your hair, your makeup, theme, purpose, props, outfits, accessories, gift ideas, pricing etc. These sessions are all about you, my dear. The one-on-one consultation will go more in depth in determining the creative direction of your photo session. We work on this together, we are a team and this is your session.

What to Expect the Day of the Shoot. Today is all about you. The day of the shoot you will arrive on time and get started with my beauty team of skilled professionals (which is a hair stylist and makeup artist). We talk about how you are feeling, show you what our vision is based on your consultation, explore your concerns, and share suggestions on how to overcome your concerns through posing, lighting and editing.

After your session we will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio and select the photographs you love. At that time, you can choose how to have your photographs printed. I only use the best labs and top materials for your precious photographs. The most desired product is the boudoir album. The albums are yours and you can either keep them for yourself or share with your valentine, groom or significant other.

Now that you know you don’t have to be nude and take scandalous pictures, you can comfortably step out of your comfort zone and schedule a session to capture your elegant and classy VIP Boudoir Photo Shoot.

I hope to have cleared up any questions you had before today about boudoir photos shoots. If you have ever even have the curiosity about this genre of portraiture, please set up your consultation. You are enough, you are worth capturingphoto

About Beth Graeme

Why I am I so passionate about boudoir? Because I saw an immediate transformation in the level of self-worth a woman had for herself through looking at the images on the back of my camera. Women relax, they are at ease, they feel beautiful, they know and trust that I care for them. They exude beauty, sensuality and sexy. It is my job to portray that and show them that which the rest of the world really sees.

I get it, I’m a mother and wife. I give every ounce of my energy to everyone else. I want the same as you. To be loved, accepted, cherished, needed and supported. My kids did a number on my body, but my husband is just like your husband. He loves me to the core no matter what. Your husband loves you to the core too. Every once in a while, we need to feel that love for ourselves. I create a safe, nonjudgmental space for women to feel free and pursue their sexy side. Let’s show him your reverence.

Boudoir by Beth is a division of Beth Graeme Photography, LLC located in Prince Frederick, Maryland. I share a space with the lovely ladies at Barefoot Wellness. I transform the yoga studio space into a private wonderland of portrait possibilities.

Call 240-504-5091 or E-mail Visit for more information.


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