Botox, Peels, Needling, Oh MY!

Beauty enhancements have been around for quite a while and today there are so many options. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Despite what some think, it is not a one size fits all kind of service.

When I began seeking out beauty enhancements I was blessed to find a medi spa that offered me great services but I always felt guilty asking my doctor if she could stay later for me so I could receive my treatments after my work day. This got my wheels turning, why not start my own concierge type medi spa for the busy woman (or man). As a full-time family medicine doctor these early morning, lunchtime, evening and even weekend appointments with my clients are perfect for me as well. You can come to me or me to you.
When you make the decision to be a client of my practice, Your Time Medical, P.C., you are signing up to be seen and consulted by a physician who will make the best recommendations for you. I carry my medical privacy oath to this practice as well and my staff is well aware of how serious I take patient confidentiality.

My philosophy is that we are all meant to age but why not do it gracefully. Allow me a chance to highlight your natural beauty.

I love that I heal in an expressive way that can and does improve self esteem, self worth and confidence.

Your Time Medical is a concierge style medi spa. It reflects my personality, professional yet fun and flexible.

I educate them prior to every procedure and I do it in English not fancy medical terms. I follow up with personal phone calls or texts.

We all have to age, why not do it gracefully

Most recently I helped a client take 10 years off of her face. Seeing her self esteem and confidence glow through was a wonderful feeling. The happiest moment was the out-of-the-blue selfie she sent me saying Hi.

During your complementary consultation Dr. O will recommend services that are tailored to your skin’s needs, avoiding unnecessary procedures. At Your Time Medical, we respect client confidentiality and Dr. O’s small team will be your best kept secret. You can refer us to others as you wish, host a party with your closest friends or just keep it one-on-one.

Please call us at 443-294-2101to schedule your consultation or e-mail: Visit for more information about our services. Serving all of Southern Maryland.

Dr. Monet Ouwinga
Dr. I. Monet Ouwinga, or simply Dr. O, as she likes to be called is a Board Certified Family Medicine provider, with special interests in Women’s Health (physical, mental, cosmetic and sexual). Dr. O graduated as chief resident from Loyola-Cook County Family Medicine and went on to do a fellowship in high risk maternal-child health. She’s participated in numerous international medical missions and speaks Spanish fluently. Relocated to Calvert County only two years ago Dr. O has quickly become part of her new community. Besides practicing at Calvert Physician Associates (affiliated with Calvert Memorial Hospital), Dr. O works with CHAMP, Calvert and Charles County, consulting with CPS and examines children with or suspected of physical or sexual abuse. Dr. O volunteers at multiple health and dental fairs, and has an annual Story Time With Dr. O where she reads books and even has a dance about your “No-No” areas. Dr. O is a wife and a mother of a 3-year-old.