An Intimate, Meaningful Anniversary Gift


Boudoir portraits are becoming more popular lately with women 40 and up as a unique anniversary gift for their husbands to celebrate their marriage. This new trend of boudoir portraits presents images that are beautiful, artistic and most importantly, super sexy. Boudoir portraits offer a woman the chance to create images that will remind her husband of the passion surrounding their love, even after decades of marriage.

What is Boudoir Photography?
In boudoir photography a women typically poses partially clothed or in her lingerie. The photographs are sophisticated and nudity is typically implied rather than explicit. The particular style of the session reflects the woman being photographed and can be sensual, sexy, classy and elegant. Each session is stylized and personalized to the particular woman posing.

The Boudoir Experience
Each experience begins with a personal consultation with the photographer to discuss session details including location, attire, makeup and hair, jewelry and props. During the photo session images are shared to ensure happiness and confidence in the results. The entire process usually takes about 4-6 weeks to ensure the best experience and a timely delivery. Attire for boudoir photos varies depending on the personal style of the woman being photographed, with a usual range of just a little lingerie to absolutely nothing at all. But don’t get the wrong idea – this is NOT X-rated, it’s more like PG-13. The pros refer to it as ‘implied nudes,’ which means although you’re not wearing anything, you’re not really showing off anything either. Photographs are taken from many angles to both hide and highlight. By the time the session is over, the woman is feeling more confident than ever.

What Do I Do With the Photos?
After your session and once you have the pictures, it’s time to gift them! Most women choose a private, leather-bound box that contains a flat laying album of approximately 20 images, while other options include matted single prints, a photo folio, or private wall art collections. All photographs that you love and order, also include a digital copy, so you can use the images for anything you wish.

Giving the Gift
The best part of the whole experience is actually giving him the gift. Men’s reactions are so amazing because he has no idea what to expect, which makes the shock factor absolutely mind-blowing! Husbands are typically completely surprised and happy to receive such a special, intimate gift from the love of their life.

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