Add Contrast to Your Kitchen Design


Whether you’re building a house and designing a brand new kitchen or remodeling an outdated one, there are all sorts of creative ways to maximize the space and blend different types of styles together. From the ceilings, to the cabinets, to the backsplash, you can use a contrast of colors and textures to personalize the heart of the home.

There are three main ways to add contrast to your cabinets. While having the wall cabinets match the base cabinets has always been the traditional way of designing kitchens, recently there have been more people looking for lighter colored cabinets and darker colored base cabinets. Typically, the darker cabinets ground the space and the lighter wall cabinets lighten the room up making the space feel larger. Using dark flooring with light cabinets is another way to add dimension. And since people usually spend more of their time around the stove in their kitchen, using different colored cabinets around that area gives the space more of a traditional feel.

If you’ve definitely decided to opt for a backsplash there is an infinite amount of tile options for you which can certainly feel overwhelming at first. An easy way to choose a backsplash is planning on the style of cabinet you want first. If you want to go with a more modern and sleek cabinet, then look for tile that looks tumbled or roughed up. The end look will have a beautiful contrast of texture and color. The finish on the cabinet you go with could help decide, too. If a matte finish is more of your style instead of a satin finish, then a glossy backsplash will help add awesome contrast as well.

Mixing the material of countertops on the cabinets and the island is also a great way to add contrast in the kitchen. Along with having the option to mix granite and marble, you could always mix granite and butcher-block for the island. Also, choosing a pretty color for the island cabinets especially if it houses the stove top is a beautiful looking option as well.

Adding wood beams to the ceilings can add super contrast to any contemporary kitchen. The rustic feel of the wood with the elegant modern looking cabinets and stainless steel appliances create the perfect blend of a traditional and chic look.

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